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How to use massage gun head attachments?

To get a massage gun with the exact same attachments as above


You finally have your massage gun in hand, now you can boost your recovery for your muscles after working out. Typically, a good massage gun will come with many attachments if not one. 

The challenge that most face when finding the right attachment is knowing which one will suit your needs. 

Here are a few popular massage gun attachments and what they can do for you.


By far, the large ball is the best. Made out of solid foam or strong rubber. You can apply this to your medium to large muscle groups, pretty much applicable to all body parts.

Being versatile, the powerful attachment delivers immediate relief. 

The smaller ball provides similar massage treatment. More suited to smaller muscle groups and still provide solid relief. A localised massage.


The arrow is a common attachment that is small in size, and gentle at the top. Effective as the small ball, it is useful for localised smaller muscles. 

<15 seconds is recommended for any one particular area of your body. More may result in potential injury. 


The fork attachment is useful for chronic tension and back pain. Apply it to the two sides of the spine and massage both sides.

A gentle reminder, please do not apply onto the bone, only around your spine. 


The flathead is the best for most muscle groups. Delivering a deep tissue massage. This attachment does not have pointed or sharp edges, so the massage will not hurt. 


The prong is what it is. It looks like a fork prong, it delivers more force and impact than the ball attachment. Good for tense, tight or sore areas. This is a classic. 


By its name, this attachment delivers a close massage. 

The narrow, flat shape, is great for targeting grooves in different parts of your body. For example, shoulder blades, and pelvis.