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When choosing your massage gun, you want to think of what sort of massage you need and which massage gun along with attachments will most be suitable to your body.

Depending on the massage gun, each massage gun has varying materials for the attachments, some people may be more sensitive to certain touch, firmness, impact of the material and power of the massage gun.

Here are a few recommended massage guns:

The classic POWER-FIT by FitSmart in Grey

For the everyday athlete, the early-morning riser, the after-afternoon gym goer, the POWER-FIT will provide you with a solid massage, it has six attachments, the ball, fork, prong, flat-head, arrow, shovel, they are all more than sufficient to give you the massage you need, to ease your muscles in all sorts of grooves on your body.,


Relieve pain and muscle stiffness and soreness, improve your blood and lymph circulation, and help prevent muscle inflammation, high-performance motor with a silent mechanism to be used anywhere at any time, without unnecessary noise.

For the Chiropractors, CHIRO MASSAGE GUN by FitSmart

The Chiro Massage Gun by FitSmart, is the most suitable for chiropractors that want to best support their patients. With a generous eight attachments, its variability of attachments will soothe and cover any sort of muscular tension, which will allow to calm your patient whilst working on progressing long term solutions.


For modern and on-the-go, lifestyle, FitSmart PRO MINI – Massagebody,

The compact, and, lightweight ability, allows for a quick, yet, strong massage anytime on-the-go, anywhere in style. 



For the on-the-go, busy lifestyle, MINI MASSAGER by FitSmart in Black

The Mini Massager by FitSmart in black, is suitable for anyone who wishes to have a compact yet strong massager for a life on the go. With four attachments, the basics are covered. This is where mini meets strong.